Tyler began overcoming boundaries that were placed on him by others at a very young age. At 4 years old, his mother was told that Tyler would have to be placed in a special school, because public schools at the time did not have enough resources for a special needs child. After much seeking and prayer, Tyler began preschool much to everyone's disbelief. As Tyler approached the age of 16, the only thing he could think of was getting his drivers license. It's difficult for many to imagine a young man who has difficulty walking, being able to drive a car. But in Tyler style, on his sixteenth birthday he took and passed his driving test.

Tyler's goals and aspirations continued to grow as he did. After being told at a young age that he would never scuba dive, Tyler has become a Dive Master and Dive Control Specialist, two of the highest qualifications in the realm of scuba diving. And while there is only a handful of physicians with Cerebral Palsy, Tyler was determined to become a Doctor. After six and half grueling years, in June 2011 Tyler became a physician.

These achievements have not come without a price; Tyler has endured many painful operations and therapy, challenges, setbacks and disappointments. Yet, by the grace of God, he has persevered, and has triumphed. He doesn't consider himself to have a handicap-- just a condition. He shows with words and with his life, that God can use his condition to bring glory to Him. Tyler testifies to his own faith in Christ, and inspires everyone who hears him.